Want to win LY0HQ 2019 plaque?

Its chance for all stations (without HQ stations) ho make first all 12 QSO’s with LY0HQ in IARU 2019 HF Championship in all bands and modes (maximum 12 slots).

Winner of plaque will be Announced 1-2 week after contest and awarded in LY Hamfest 2019.

(LY0HQ 2018 plaque winner is Tadas LY2BAW, LY0HQ 2017 plaque winner LY1G http://www.ly0hq.com/winner-of-ly0hq-2017-plaque-second-time-is-stanislovas-intas-ly1g/


Šiais metais per LY hamfesta 2019 taippat bus galimybė dalyvauti LY0HQ 2019 loterijoje ir laimėti isteigtus prizus. Kokie jie pamatysime per hamfesta.

Loterijoje dalyvaus visi LY’ku padaryti QSO (max išbraukus dupus) su LY0HQ.  Laimingieji bus ištraukti burtu keliu.

Kaip atrode prizas http://www.ly0hq.com/ly0hq-prizai-ly-stotims-padariusiems-qso-su-ly0hq-per-iaru-2017-ly0hq-prizes-for-ly-stations-ho-make-qso-with-ly0hq-in-iaru-2017/

Special prizes for LY stations ho make QSO more posible qso with LY0HQ will be included to LY0HQ lottery. Winners will be anounced in LY hamfest 2019. http://www.ly0hq.com/ly0hq-prizai-ly-stotims-padariusiems-qso-su-ly0hq-per-iaru-2017-ly0hq-prizes-for-ly-stations-ho-make-qso-with-ly0hq-in-iaru-2017/


LY0HQ IARU Championship 2020 Team Map

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